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Fit For Art Eureka! Pants That Fit XXS-L


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Contemporary tapered pants pattern guides you through the process of making a pattern that fits your unique figure. Includes 3 back choices for each size to improve the fitting process.  Designed for woven bottom-weight fabrics.  Consult size chart to help select appropriate size group.

Create flattering and comfortable pants for work, home, or play.  Eureka! Pants that Fit have a contemporary tapered silhouette.  The pattern includes 3 back choices in each size to accommodate a variety of derrieres and crotch depths, which facilitates the fitting process.

Begin by making a pants mock-up in your size.  Follow the step-by-step illustrated instructions to fit your crotch and hips, personalize dart placement, and shape the legs. You choose the waist location and style, then finish the pants with a back zipper and your choice of facing, waistband or elastic waist.  Instruction book also includes design tips for selecting the fabric, finishing the seams, changing the shape of the legs, and finishing the hem.

Once fitted, this versatile pattern can be used to make pants for all seasons and occasions.  Appropriate for any bottom-weight woven pant fabric; fabric with some stretch will require adjustments.  After you have refined the pattern to fit you, change up the style with our pattern variations such as Glamour Details, Sporty Details and Trouser Details.

Available in 2 size ranges:  XXS-L, L-3XL