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University of Sewing at The Tailored Fit Address: 611 W 11th Street in Bloomington, Indiana 
📞 Phone: (812) 323-2665

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About Us

The University of Sewing is the educational arm and BERNINA Dealer of the Tailored Fit, inc. 

Owner Margaret Fette started the Tailored Fit in 2006.  Throughout the past years, many people have asked her to teach them how to sew.  In 2017 the Tailored Fit moved to 611 W 11th Street.  This space has over 4000 square feet, over 3000 of that is now dedicated to the University of Sewing. 
We offer classes in Quilting, Apparel sewing, and other hand and machine techniques.

Our owner Margaret has sewn professionally most of her adult life.  Between 21-31 years old she made over 1000 quilts, belonged to 7 quilt guilds, was invited to invitational quilt shows, took classes from Judy Mathieson, Nancy Crow, Mary Ellen Hopkins, and made samples for Quilt Quarters when it was owned by Kaye England.  In her late 30's she worked on Broadway doing costuming work.  In her 40's -50's she opened the Tailored Fit and worked for several years as a guest lecturer teaching advance sewing at Indiana University. The University of Sewing is the cumulation of a dream to share the love of sewing and fabric.

Everyone in our shop sews!  I mean they sew a lot. That means we can help you with all your sewing questions!  And we love to help you.

In 2020 the University of Sewing at the Tailored Fit became a full Bernina Dealership.  We carry a large line of Bernina & Bernette sewing machines, accessories, and monthly classes to support the Bernina owner.  We carry Bernina sewing machines because they have cast aluminum frame, they are sturdy, user friendly, have great warranties, and excellent stitch quality.  Bernina has amazing educational support and we offer their guide and mastery lessons and their events.  We want you to have the best so we offer the best in excellent sewing machines and support.

A quote from a favorite customer
I am beginning to believe you are some kind of Bernina sorceress.  Perhaps you and Denise sacrifice a chicken at the back of the store, which releases the power to send idiotically simple solutions to machine problems.  
Some kind of voodoo, and I appreciate it.
We Love Fabric.  Currently we have fabric made from all over the world: Japan, Korea, India, Italy, England, and Africa.
Apparel Fabrics, the best in Quilting fabrics, and really useful tools and notions for sewing.

About our Classes
We are offering private lessons. Or a group class with your group is possible.  Call and we will figure out a solution you are comfortable with.

All of our Clothing related sewing classes will have a fitting component so that you will end up with a project that fits.  We want you to be successful in all your sewing projects, our teachers care! As a bonus, you get a 20% discount when you purchase your fabric and supplies at the University of Sewing.

You are welcome to bring your own sewing machine provided that it is in proper working order.​ If you would like to use our machines instead let us know so we can set that up for you.  -- Except if it's your Mastery class, you need to bring your own machine.

And please bring a Basic Sewing Kit for all classes. 

Basic Sewing Kit: Large Fabric Scissors, Seam Ripper, Universal size 12 needles, Small sewing scissors or thread snippers, Sewing needles, Pins, & Small ruler. ​

All classes require prepayment at least 72 hours in advance to the first class date.

Cancellation policy: If you need to cancel there will be no cash returns you will be issued a credit towards another class with 24hrs notice. All others will be a 50% credit.

About our Princess Mirah Batiks - we carry both rayon and cotton.

Mirah Zriya is a manufacturer based in Bali, which sells hand made Balinese batik designed by Princess Mirah and produced exclusively for wholesalers around the world.

Princess Mirah has more than thirty years of experience creating and manufacturing genuine Bali Batiks for a discerning international clientele.

Batik by Mirah is created by authentic batik craftsmanship that uses copper stamp, waxing and dying of cloth to create incomparable colors and designs. All made especially for you to create a patchwork of true designs and true colors that stays close to your heart.

Since 1981 Princess Mirah has brought the best of Bali batik design to the world, from the catwalks of New York in the 1980s to today’s discerning quilters. Princess Mirah wishes her Bali batiks to create a space of creativity where each stays true to their vision of making the world more beautiful.

All aspects of Bali traditions are integral to Princess Mirah’s heritage. Her royal lineage stretches back to the famous founder of the Majapahit rule in Bali five centuries ago. Even today there is no palace in Bali filled with more spirit than where the princess lives. Princess Mirah takes much care and love in her Bali batik designs to bring that incomparable sense of the Island of the Gods to you.

Princess Mirah's Heritage

The princess grew up in the palace of Karangasem, built by her grandfather, Anak Agung Anglurah Ketut Karangasem, the last King of Bali. He was the last reigning ruler in Bali, considered the “Raja di Raja,” or king of kings, as he had jurisdiction over all eight regions in Bali even after the Dutch had annexed Indonesia.

During his reign, he designed two beautiful water palaces: in the mountains, The Tirta Gangga was built around flowing spring water, while the Ujung Water Palace near the ocean was used as a place of leisure for the royal family and their guests. The Karangasem palace in Eastern Bali has always been Princess Mirah’s home. There, age-old Hindu traditions have been kept intact, as have traditions of the Hindu Majapahit Kingdoms of Java.

The palace is like a city behind walls with medieval architecture that synthesizes elements of European, Balinese, and Chinese design. It includes a maze of pathways that open to temples and beautiful water gardens. Princess Mirah’s grandfather introduced the use of water channels to Balinese architecture, so water could be piped in from springs to gardens. His living spaces created a serene, yet functional setting for his family. Karangasem is like a place lost in time where nature and art, religion and daily life, have not changed much since the King ruled—where the village people still look to the royal family for political and spiritual guidance.

The History of Batik
The word "batik" is Indonesian-Malay in origin and it means "to dot." Similar processes of dye resistant designs have been traced to Egypt and the Middle East--about 1500 years ago--but the current process for batik originated in Indonesia. There, batik making has evolved to become one of the greatest art forms of Asia. This ancient technique involves using a wajan--similar in shape to a wok--for melting wax, and a canting, a wooden-handled tool with a metal tip for applying wax to create the design.

Some traditional batik designs were used exclusively by the royal courts. Over the years, batik designs were influenced by trade as East Indian, Dutch and Japanese travelers began settling in Indonesia. The Dutch brought Indonesian craftsmen to teach the craft to Dutch warpers in several factories in Holland in the 1830s. For the modern-day process, a copper cap (chop) or stamp was created to improve production. This cap is dipped in wax and stamped on the design. Then the fabric is dyed, often numerous times to achieve the desired effect. Fabric can also be crumpled by hand before dyeing, to achieve a textured look. The fabric is often dried outdoors, where the dyes react to the heat of the sun and become increasingly vibrant. In the final process, the wax is melted away when the fabric is immersed in a vat of hot water.

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