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You Deserve the Wonderful and Convenient Features of a BERNINA Sewing Machine

Create professional-looking items with ease that look handmade, not homemade.

Experience what a BERNINA Sewing Machine can bring.

Sewing with an older and inferior machine
can be time-consuming and frustrating.
We know the #1 reason most people quit sewing is due to frustration with their machine.

Do you find yourself...


  • Constantly having to stop sewing to cut your thread.

  • Always running out of thread at the worst possible moment.

  • Spending more time sorting out problems than sewing.

  • Not having the capability to do what you want from sewing on a limited machine.

We believe you deserve to sew with a machine that is intuitive to learn and simple to use.
Your sewing machine should unlock your full sewing potential, not stifle your creativity.
You deserve a BERNINA.

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Your BERNINA Sewing Machine Dealer
of Bloomington, Indiana

Hi!  I'm Margeret Fette, founder of the University Of Sewing & The Tailored Fit.

As a professional seamstress who's worked on Broadway and owned two sewing businesses, believe me when I tell you I know how frustrating it can be to sew with an old or inferior machine. 

That is until I found BERNINA.

After experiencing BERNINA's wonderful and time-saving features, I knew they were the only sewing machine I could endorse. It's why I became a BERNINA Dealer, and since 2020, my team and I have helped thousands of [creatives] like you put a stop to their sewing frustrations and finally sew with a machine that helps unlock their full sewing potential.

If you are ready to take your craft to the next level, we invite you to come in and try a BERNINA sewing machine. We know you'll be impressed.

“I love seeing the faces of new BERNINA owners when they realize they can now do things they never dreamed possible.” 

-Margaret Fette


We don’t just sell machines. We enable artists.

You shouldn't have to sew alone. So when you purchase your BERNINA sewing machine from The University of Sewing, we want you to know that you're not just getting a machine. Instead, you're getting an entire team to provide you with the help, support, and training you need to get the most from your new BERNINA sewing machine.

Plus, find the largest selection of fabrics in the Bloomington area.
We can’t wait to help you find the perfect fabrics for your next project.

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3 Steps To Find The Right BERNINA Sewing Machine For You

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